Why use IT-freelancers?

There are many reasons for using IT-freelancers, here you’ll find a few:

Resources when required

When using IT-freelancers it’s possible to staff up exactly when needed, and in that way get the competence when it’s most needed.

Acquire premium competences in-house

Only very few companies are so lucky as to have the ultimate competencies needed. With an IT-freelancer you have the possibility to get the high skills exactly when they are needed. IT-freelancers are always highly skilled within their specific core competences.

Straighten out peak work-load

When running projects, it can be a problem to dedicate internal resources to the project, as they can be fully loaded with their regular tasks. Here IT-freelancers can be a powerful supplement to internal staff, either in the project group, or in carrying out the regular daily operation.


IT-freelancers are often cheaper than other alternatives, such as consultants from IT-suppliers or general overstaffing in the organisation.