Senserna – Commercial Manager (BESAT)

fornserna is looking for a powerful and passionately driven candidate with CEO potential to the position as Commercial Manager. The candidate will get the unique opportunity to join the founding team in bringing to market a truly innovative product with global potential.

The candidate will be responsible for creating and executing the go to market strategy for Senserna’s first product, the MilkyMeter. The founding team is looking for a strong commercial profile who can step into the role as sounding board and contribute a clear sighted and deep understanding of the market.

The candidate will collaborate closely with and take over the current responsibilities of advisory board member Mads Wiinblad, who has joined the founding team part time to begin the work on a detailed mapping of potential distribution channels and commercial partners.

As the company grows, the candidate must be prepared to accept leadership tasks such as managing a marketing team, and in the long term the candidate must be interested in taking on the role as Managing Director.

Key tasks

The candidate’s key responsibilities will be market research, market introduction planning and the development and execution of a go to market strategy.

Timing and primary goals    

During the initial 3 months, the candidate is expected to determine the best channels of distribution and sales as well as to identify and validate key markets. Within 6 months the go to market plan should be executed. Within 15 moths, Senserna should be ready for the next round of investments.

Key internal and external relations   

  • CTO and CEO
  • Go2market strategist Mads Wiinblad
  • The Product Creation Agency, located in Sweden

Educational background  

The candidate should have a commercial education, which have provided an understanding of the financial aspects of going to market.

Professional background and work experience

Senserna is looking for an experienced ‘go2market wiz’ with a deep knowledge of building sales and partnership networks as well as extensive experience working with distribution networks. The candidate is expected to have relevant prior experience from a start-up company or from working with New Product Introduction for a larger organisation. The position requires a flair for strategy and insight into the financial aspects of going to market as well as deep experience with sales, marketing and launching tangible products. The candidate must possess the technical understanding necessary for familiarising himself/herself with the product.

Language skills   

The candidate must be fluent in Danish and English.

IT skills   

Office, Excel in particular.

Personal qualities    

Senserna is looking for a mature, committed and passionate personality, familiar with the start-up scene and thrilled with the prospect of growing a small company. The role requires drive and strategic foresight, and the candidate must be extrovert and a strong communicator ready and willing to fight for the product all the way.

Selection process

The search and selection process for the Commercial Manager role is ongoing. Nominations of candidates as well as expression of interest can be made in confidentiality to Christine Jensen (, or to Managing Partner Jens Ulrik Olsen who is responsibile for this recruitment, or by writing to the address: Nyberg Group A/S, Tuborgvej 5, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark, Case number #186