Rynkeby Foods A/S – Senior Product Developer (BESAT)

Develop the future of chilled juices and smoothies     

Rynkeby Foods A/S is looking for a creative, experienced candidate to the exciting position as Senior Product Developer. The candidate will get the rare opportunity to be a prominent part of the team responsible for developing new products and concepts shaping the market for chilled fruit juices and smoothies.

The candidate will undertake product development in close collaboration with the Danish R&D team, the international corporate Eckes-Granini R&D team, the marketing department and other parts of the organisation. The Danish R&D team, located in Ringe on Funen, is comprised of a Product Developer, a Technical Assistant, a Senior Product Developer, and the Innovation and Product Development Manager. The Corporate R&D team consists of 14 people located in the area of Frankfurt, Germany. As Senior Product Developer, the candidate will be continual dialogue with Eckes-Granini Corporate and companies all over Europe.

The candidate will get the chance to develop fresh superior high value products for consumer-favoured premium brands such as Valsølille/Bramhülts and God Morgen with great taste quality, nutrition and health benefits. Recipe development, description of product specifications, planning and evaluation of lab scale productions, pilot plant tests and full scale production will all be part of the job.

Key tasks

The candidate’s key responsibilities will be product development of mainly smoothies and chilled fruit/vegetable juices and drinks in close collaboration with the Danish and international corporate R&D teams as well collaboration with the marketing department of trends and concepts.

Timing and primary goals    

During the initial 3 months, the candidate is expected to familiarise himself/herself with the work, cultivate collaboration between Denmark and Germany on strategic concepts, and build up collaboration with the marketing department. Within 6 months the first concepts should be developed and under realisation. Within a year, the first products should be ready for launch. The new concept should add to the category rather than simply challenge Rynkeby’s competitors on existing concepts.

Key internal and external relations   

  • The marketing department
  • The sales department
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control area

 The candidate’s daily tasks will be in dialogue with Eckes-Granini corporate and companies across Europe.

Travel required

Depending on place of residence, the candidate should expect 20 – 30 days of travel per year. Should the candidate decide not to take up residence in Ringe or nearby Odense, travel days will increase.

The candidate 

Educational background  

The candidate should have a relevant education, e.g. in food, chemistry, gastronomy, process technology, nutrition or as a chef.

Professional background and work experience

Rynkeby is looking for a specialised gourmet product developer with a keen interest in the newest flavour- and ingredient trends to boost the company with new knowledge and ideas. The candidate is expected to have prior experience from a Premier League juice manufacturer and at least 5 – 10 years of experience with fruit juice and/or smoothie recipe development. Experience with chilled products will be preferable as well. The position requires in-depth knowledge about sensory science, flavour enhancements and texture, fruit and vegetable raw material qualities, nutrition and health claims, as well as the certain creative and experimental mindset required to develop unique flavour pairings. As working with several different departments and stakeholders will be a key part of the job, the candidate is expected to be competent in cross-disciplinary and inter-company collaboration.

Language skills   

The candidate must be fluent in English.

IT skills   

Basic it-skills will suffice for this position.

Interpersonal skills    

Rynkeby is looking for a truly dedicated product developer, who will be excited to share his/her ideas and have plenty of ideas to share. Since the role requires being in contact with various stakeholders, the candidate must be extrovert and a strong communicator who enjoys ‘selling’ a good idea.

Selection process

The search and selection process for the Senior Product Developer role is ongoing. Nominations of candidates as well as expression of interest can be made in confidentiality to Senior Researcher Constantin Methenitis (cme@nyberggroup.com), or to Managing Partner Jens Ulrik Olsen (juo@nyberggroup.com) who is responsibile for this recruitment, or by writing to the address: Nyberg Group A/S, Tuborgvej 5, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark.