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Senior Business Controller – PANDORA

Dedicated and passionate Senior Business Controller – PANDORA

Nyberg Group is searching for a Senior Business Controller for PANDORA with regional responsibility for performance management.

Group Business Controlling serves as the last touchpoint before the Executive Board and the CEO/CFO and therefore analysis and presentations from the team have great impact. Team aspiration is to impact organizational behavior through financial and non-financial insights to facilitate sustainable profitable growth. Performance management requires more than financial expertise; it requires a strong business partnering mindset.

The role as Sr. Business Controller is responsible for regional performance management. Regional performance management is about ensuring full transparency on performance to facilitate effective decision making. Key is to approach regional performance with humble skepticism, objective and fact-based challenging as well as proactive questioning to drive regional reflections on performance. It includes challenging market performance to uncover potential underlying performance issues.

Through innovative thinking and world-class business partnering, the successful candidate will be expected to show strong progress in pushing the business to deliver results in collaboration with the 2 other regional business partners and the rest of the Global Finance team

Main Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the weekly performance management cycle and regional profitability tracking
  • Challenge assumptions, stress-test plans and assess risks
  • Rigorous follow up on the execution of agreed plans
  • Deep dives and benchmarks on market performance
  • Support in the creation of Board of Director’s Management Letter

Professional Background and Qualifications:

  • You have a relevant education such as a Master’s Degree in in business administration & economics with focus on applied Economics and Finance
  • You are experienced as a consultant or controller with 5+/- years of total working experience from an international company
  • Experienced in HFM or other ERP system is an advantage
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken

Personal Qualities

  • The ideal candidate is skilled at identifying connections, structuring and analyzing complex issues, and translating them into simple business-relevant solutions that can be easily understood by non-financial people.
  • You possess strong analytical skills and a commercial mindset together with the ability to think multi-dimensional
  • You have excellent stakeholder management skills
  • You thrive in a dynamic and busy environment and can work at all levels and across departments and are a natural networker

If you are interested in applying for this position, click here. If you would like to know more about the position, contact Partner Gina Rantzau +45 2890 3204 or Henrik Nyberg +45 5151 0800. Interviews will be held continuously, so please apply as soon as possible.

Evergas A/S – Financial Controller

Nyberg Group is searching for a positive and dedicated Financial Controller for Evergas A/S.

Evergas is amongst the world’s leading seaborne transporters of petrochemical gases and natural gas liquids. This position has been reached through experience-based innovation and long-term dedication in making complex gas transports simple, safe and efficient. It is the companies clear ambition to improve services and set new standards for efficient and sustainable gas transport at sea.

The Position

You will be part of a dedicated and efficient team of 5 persons in the Accounting and Finance Department. Being a minor organization, the range of tasks covers wide, so you must be able to handle both minor and complex financial tasks. However, this also means that for the right person, a position with a various number of tasks within accounting, finance and tax. You must be able to work independently, take ownership and ensure tasks are finalized while working in a team.


  • Perform dedicated controlling of subsidiary/affiliated companies ensuring reporting excellence
  • Participate in monthly closing/reconciliation of Group subsidiaries/affiliated companies
  • Continuously challenging closing processes, ensuring on-time and high-quality reporting
  • Participate in preparation of quarterly reporting to parent company, including group consolidation (IFRS)
  • Preparation of budgets/monthly revised forecasts including budget control
  • Preparation of statutory accounts
  • Participate in preparation of tax returns
  • Other reporting
  • Ad hoc, including accounting and tax issues local and abroad
  • Work with IFRS and develop skills to challenge and implement new IFRS standards
  • Optimize procedures

Your Profile

You are a positive nature and will contribute to a positive atmosphere – also in peak periods. Service minded towards your surroundings is a request. Through your experience, you have the overview that is needed in busy periods. At the same time, you do not compromise the quality of work you deliver in a structured manner. You take ownership of tasks, are good at prioritizing and ensuring that tasks are finalized.

You hold a cand merc aud or HD/R and/or proven experience from a similar position.


If you are interested in applying for this position, click here. If you would like to know more about the position, contact Partner Gina Rantzau +45 2890 3204. Interviews will be held continuously, so please apply as soon as possible.

Lavaretus Underwriting AB – Head of Finance and Administration

For our client Lavaretus Underwriting AB, Nyberg Group is searching for a Head of Finance and Administration.

As Head of Finance and Administration you are responsible for the administrative, financial, and financial risk management operations of the company. Also, you will be responsible for the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. The role is also responsible for the regulatory risk and compliance arrangements for the business.

As a member of the executive management team you will assist in formulating the company’s future direction and supporting tactical initiatives and participate in key decisions.

Key responsibilities

  • Head the finance and admin team
  • Transition the business to accounting in line with the IFRS 15 accounting standard
  • Manage the accounting, human resources, administration, legal, tax, and treasury processes
  • Implement robust financial controls, policies and processes for the business that comply with local and Group standards
  • Oversee the financial operations of both branches of the business (Denmark and Finland branches)
  • Implement operational best practices
  • Prepare and or oversee the preparation financial information for statutory, tax, JLT Group consolidation and the business’ purposes
  • Personally, review and approve all local authorities
  • Prepare and participate in annual audits
  • Risk management

Ideal qualifications

  • Master’s degree in accounting or business administration
  • 5+ years of progressively responsible experience for a company or division of Pan Nordic or international Corporation
  • Experience in collaborating with an executive team
  • High level of written and oral communications skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

This is a great opportunity to be part of an international company with a high growth rate with constant new challenges and opportunities.

Want to know more? Contact Partner, Gina Rantzau phone +45 2890 3204 who is responsible for this recruitment.

Eniro – Senior Analytiker (BESAT)

Eniro er på jagt efter en erfaren kandidat til den spændende nøgleposition som Senior Analytiker. Kandidaten vil få unik mulighed for at påvirke virksomhedens udvikling og udøve indflydelse på branchen i hele Norden.

Analyse er et helt centralt element i Eniros aktuelle forandringsproces. Kandidaten vil blive en del af et stærkt team på fire medarbejdere og desuden samarbejde tæt med medarbejdere og ledelse på tværs af organisationen. En stor del af jobbet vil bestå i at drive salgsanalyseprocessen: at udtrække, analysere og kommentere data samt transformere det til forståelige kommercielle løsninger og forbedringsforslag. Det vil være kandidatens ansvar at styrke og løfte teamet og inspirere til en endnu mere proaktiv kultur. Kandidaten forventes at bygge bro til Eniros forretningsenheder, afklare deres behov og levere proaktive analyser, som kan forbedre kunde- og emneudvælgelsen.

Kandidaten forventes at oparbejde en dybdegående forståelse for Eniros forretning og organisation med henblik på relativt hurtigt at kunne understøtte en overgang fra push til pull salg. En anden væsentlig del af kandidatens rolle vil være at udvikle nye rapporter og levere sparring til understøttelse for virksomhedens udrulning af Qlik. Kandidaten vil arbejde tæt sammen med topledelsen om at løfte og fremtidssikre Sales Analysis afdelingen. Stillingen som Senior Analytiker vil byde på en række varierede og spændende udfordringer. Og da stillingen er nyoprettet, vil den rette kandidat have rig mulighed for at bidrage til udformningen. Stillingen som Senior Analytiker er særligt godt egnet til en erfaren profil med ambitioner om større ansvar i virksomheden, og som nyder at udvide sin viden på nye områder.

Eniro leder efter en seniorprofil med et stærkt kommercielt drive samt ideelt set 10-15 (mindst fem) års erfaring inden for business intelligence. Kandidaten bør have indgående kendskab til dataudtræk og bearbejdning af store datamængder via SQL samt PLSQL på Oracle platform, herunder værktøjer som TOAD eller SQL Developer. Kandidaten forventes at have erfaring med Qlik Sense, herunder udvikling af extensions, datamodellering og QMC modulet. Rollen som Senior Analytiker kræver en MS Office-ekspert og i særlig grad ekspertise inden for Excel samt VBA. Rollen kræver desuden dybdegående forståelse for, hvordan del og helhed spiller sammen i et større system, samt gode kommunikationsevner.

Kandidaten skal kunne arbejde på dansk og engelsk samt læse og forstå nordiske sprog som svensk og norsk.



  • Tung erfaring med SQL/PLSQL på Oracle
  • Erfaring med Qlik Sense (eller som mindre attraktivt alternativ Qlik View)
  • Eksperterfaring med MS Office og VBA
  • Det vil desuden gavne kandidaten at have erfaring med TOAD /SQL Developer


Personlige kvaliteter og træk

Eniro søger en proaktiv og nysgerrig holdspiller med en holistisk tilgang til arbejdet. En moden og balanceret seniorprofil, som sætter en ære i at yde sit bedste. 



Nyberg Group’s Managing Partner, Jens Ulrik Olsen, er ansvarlig for denne search i samarbejde med Senior Researcher, Constantin Methenitis. Er du interesseret i at høre mere om stillingen, er du velkommen til at rette henvendelse til Constantin via cme@nyberggroup.com eller på telefon: 21 85 45 81.


Om Nyberg Group A/S

Nyberg Group A/S blev etableret i 2006. Vi er specialister i at sætte det rigtige hold og finde de chefer og nøglepersoner, der gør en forskel for din virksomhed. Holdet bag Nyberg Group har mange års erfaring inden for Executive Search samt Management Consulting og forretningsudvikling. Læs mere på www.nybergroup.com

Senserna – Commercial Manager (BESAT)

fornserna is looking for a powerful and passionately driven candidate with CEO potential to the position as Commercial Manager. The candidate will get the unique opportunity to join the founding team in bringing to market a truly innovative product with global potential.

The candidate will be responsible for creating and executing the go to market strategy for Senserna’s first product, the MilkyMeter. The founding team is looking for a strong commercial profile who can step into the role as sounding board and contribute a clear sighted and deep understanding of the market.

The candidate will collaborate closely with and take over the current responsibilities of advisory board member Mads Wiinblad, who has joined the founding team part time to begin the work on a detailed mapping of potential distribution channels and commercial partners.

As the company grows, the candidate must be prepared to accept leadership tasks such as managing a marketing team, and in the long term the candidate must be interested in taking on the role as Managing Director.

Key tasks

The candidate’s key responsibilities will be market research, market introduction planning and the development and execution of a go to market strategy.

Timing and primary goals    

During the initial 3 months, the candidate is expected to determine the best channels of distribution and sales as well as to identify and validate key markets. Within 6 months the go to market plan should be executed. Within 15 moths, Senserna should be ready for the next round of investments.

Key internal and external relations   

  • CTO and CEO
  • Go2market strategist Mads Wiinblad
  • The Product Creation Agency, located in Sweden

Educational background  

The candidate should have a commercial education, which have provided an understanding of the financial aspects of going to market.

Professional background and work experience

Senserna is looking for an experienced ‘go2market wiz’ with a deep knowledge of building sales and partnership networks as well as extensive experience working with distribution networks. The candidate is expected to have relevant prior experience from a start-up company or from working with New Product Introduction for a larger organisation. The position requires a flair for strategy and insight into the financial aspects of going to market as well as deep experience with sales, marketing and launching tangible products. The candidate must possess the technical understanding necessary for familiarising himself/herself with the product.

Language skills   

The candidate must be fluent in Danish and English.

IT skills   

Office, Excel in particular.

Personal qualities    

Senserna is looking for a mature, committed and passionate personality, familiar with the start-up scene and thrilled with the prospect of growing a small company. The role requires drive and strategic foresight, and the candidate must be extrovert and a strong communicator ready and willing to fight for the product all the way.

Selection process

The search and selection process for the Commercial Manager role is ongoing. Nominations of candidates as well as expression of interest can be made in confidentiality to Christine Jensen (cje@nyberggroup.com), or to Managing Partner Jens Ulrik Olsen who is responsibile for this recruitment, or by writing to the address: Nyberg Group A/S, Tuborgvej 5, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark, Case number #186

Rynkeby Foods A/S – Senior Product Developer (BESAT)

Develop the future of chilled juices and smoothies     

Rynkeby Foods A/S is looking for a creative, experienced candidate to the exciting position as Senior Product Developer. The candidate will get the rare opportunity to be a prominent part of the team responsible for developing new products and concepts shaping the market for chilled fruit juices and smoothies.

The candidate will undertake product development in close collaboration with the Danish R&D team, the international corporate Eckes-Granini R&D team, the marketing department and other parts of the organisation. The Danish R&D team, located in Ringe on Funen, is comprised of a Product Developer, a Technical Assistant, a Senior Product Developer, and the Innovation and Product Development Manager. The Corporate R&D team consists of 14 people located in the area of Frankfurt, Germany. As Senior Product Developer, the candidate will be continual dialogue with Eckes-Granini Corporate and companies all over Europe.

The candidate will get the chance to develop fresh superior high value products for consumer-favoured premium brands such as Valsølille/Bramhülts and God Morgen with great taste quality, nutrition and health benefits. Recipe development, description of product specifications, planning and evaluation of lab scale productions, pilot plant tests and full scale production will all be part of the job.

Key tasks

The candidate’s key responsibilities will be product development of mainly smoothies and chilled fruit/vegetable juices and drinks in close collaboration with the Danish and international corporate R&D teams as well collaboration with the marketing department of trends and concepts.

Timing and primary goals    

During the initial 3 months, the candidate is expected to familiarise himself/herself with the work, cultivate collaboration between Denmark and Germany on strategic concepts, and build up collaboration with the marketing department. Within 6 months the first concepts should be developed and under realisation. Within a year, the first products should be ready for launch. The new concept should add to the category rather than simply challenge Rynkeby’s competitors on existing concepts.

Key internal and external relations   

  • The marketing department
  • The sales department
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control area

 The candidate’s daily tasks will be in dialogue with Eckes-Granini corporate and companies across Europe.

Travel required

Depending on place of residence, the candidate should expect 20 – 30 days of travel per year. Should the candidate decide not to take up residence in Ringe or nearby Odense, travel days will increase.

The candidate 

Educational background  

The candidate should have a relevant education, e.g. in food, chemistry, gastronomy, process technology, nutrition or as a chef.

Professional background and work experience

Rynkeby is looking for a specialised gourmet product developer with a keen interest in the newest flavour- and ingredient trends to boost the company with new knowledge and ideas. The candidate is expected to have prior experience from a Premier League juice manufacturer and at least 5 – 10 years of experience with fruit juice and/or smoothie recipe development. Experience with chilled products will be preferable as well. The position requires in-depth knowledge about sensory science, flavour enhancements and texture, fruit and vegetable raw material qualities, nutrition and health claims, as well as the certain creative and experimental mindset required to develop unique flavour pairings. As working with several different departments and stakeholders will be a key part of the job, the candidate is expected to be competent in cross-disciplinary and inter-company collaboration.

Language skills   

The candidate must be fluent in English.

IT skills   

Basic it-skills will suffice for this position.

Interpersonal skills    

Rynkeby is looking for a truly dedicated product developer, who will be excited to share his/her ideas and have plenty of ideas to share. Since the role requires being in contact with various stakeholders, the candidate must be extrovert and a strong communicator who enjoys ‘selling’ a good idea.

Selection process

The search and selection process for the Senior Product Developer role is ongoing. Nominations of candidates as well as expression of interest can be made in confidentiality to Senior Researcher Constantin Methenitis (cme@nyberggroup.com), or to Managing Partner Jens Ulrik Olsen (juo@nyberggroup.com) who is responsibile for this recruitment, or by writing to the address: Nyberg Group A/S, Tuborgvej 5, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark.

Fujitsu – Costumer Solutions Architect

Fujitsu is looking for a motivated Costumer Solutions Architect who can design and present tailor-made solutions within EndUser-Service, Service Desk, Security Services and Digital Workplace for Fujitsu’s existing and potential clients.

The Customer Solutions Architect is very important in the presales process and is involved in solution propositions and customized tenders. Technical understanding is required, as well as strong communication skills translating customer requirements into solution guidelines and represent the overall solution towards the client related to specific bid in immediate customer interaction.


The CSA have experience designing solutions that help our customers manage the growing complexity of non-standard, geographically separate mobile infrastructure environments. And have also experience of how to protect customers’ business data and personal information. 

Key tasks and responsibilities

Represent all business line offerings and coordinate cross business line proposition in dedicated customer engagement within:

  • Managed the Mobile solutions – a cloud-based modular service for the administration, protection and support for mobile devices, applications and end-user services
  • Support hand-over into Business line and Delivery, and align with Delivery Architect in order to ensure ability to deliver
  • Responsible for the incorporation of the approved partners into the solution
  • Coordinate capability and overall approvals (business assurance) and drive the use of standard offerings, processes and tools, wherever possible and viable. Be a core member of engagement
    team, responsible for the technical solution and responsible for overall service solution design in specific customer bid
  • Coordinate contribution of capability solution architects to ensure a lean and comprehensive overall solution. Feedback to Business line on customer requirements and delivery capabilities
  • Responsible for deriving target costs and optimizing the solution according to that and responsible for high-level overall solution and costing
  • Overall risk qualification and mitigation across the solution and regular alignment to stay up-to-date on new developments in the business line. Involved in defining the parameters for due diligence execution, defining DD Strategy 

Key stakeholders

  • The candidate will be liaising between sales and the colleagues who will internally deliver the actual product 
  • Travel required Approximatively 10-20 days annually

The candidate

Work experience and background

  • Min. 6-10 years’ experience within same area (preferably all or alternatively some of the following; Business and Application Services, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service)
  • International experience
  • Technically strong with a commercial understanding
  • Experience in cloud computing
  • Preferably experience in presales and bid process
  • Preferably experience with sales of applications and application modernization
  • Understand customer issues and requirements
  • Ability to translate customer needs into adequate solutions and present them 


  • Relevant technical degree (for instance computer science) or experience that compensates Communication skills
  • Strong communicator in written and oral English and Danish 

Interpersonal skills

  • The candidate must be senior and have thorough knowledge and understanding of the various solutions
  • Strong communicator

Selection process

The search and selection process for the Costumer Solutions Architect role is ongoing. Nominations of candidates as well as expression of interest can be made in confidentiality to Allan Peter Vangskov (apv@nyberggroup.com), or to Managing Partner Jens Ulrik Olsen who is responsibile for this recruitment or by writing to the address: Nyberg Group A/S, Tuborgvej 5, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark, Case number #172

Fujitsu is a leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Furthermore, Fujitsu offers a full range of computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics. Approximately 156,000 Fujitsu employees support customers in more than 100 countries.  Fujitsu Limited reported consolidated revenues of US$41 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016. In Denmark, Fujitsu works with both the private and public sector, and is, with more than 30% market share, among the five biggest suppliers of IT for the public sector, primarily municipalities and regions, for which they have delivered applications and operational services for more than 30 years. Fujitsu has about 250 employees in Denmark Fujitsu Denmark

PANDORA – Senior Finance BI Consultant

The Business BI department is customer oriented and seeks to increase the company’s customer mind-set. Moreover, it seeks to deliver valid data in this regards and to implement efficient processes. In a nutshell, the department empowers the global PANDORA organisation to make sound business decisions by supporting BI customers with easy-to-use information services. Amongst the department’s other areas of responsibility is; being in charge of delivering business data models; to process and consolidate requirements on behalf of PANDORA business representatives and enable stakeholders to make decisions based on correct data and in order for them to perform. Furthermore, the Business BI team works in close collaboration with the IT BI team in Global IT, who is in charge of all back-end development. The department is composed by a broad age span, mixed gender and various cultures.



In this newly established role as Senior Finance BI Consultant, PANDORA is seeking a senior candidate who will focus on delivering BI solutions for the Global Finance organization within the company.

The main responsibilities in the role will be to draft a roadmap for BI initiatives in cooperation with stakeholders in the finance area and align this with the rest of the Pandora organization. There is no formal leadership responsibility, but all employees are expected to take on leadership naturally in terms of the tasks they are responsible for delivering and to manage the stakeholders they are collaborating with in order to get the job done. Execution and implementation of the roadmap will follow at a later stage.

Your responsibility is furthermore to understand and analyse business needs, what existing solutions and business processes are working well in order to build on these, but also to design new analysis and reporting solutions. We expect you to have a good overview of stakeholders in your current organisation and a strong knowledge on how best to manage these relations in order to build roadmaps that aligns with the organization’s upcoming activities.


Included in the role

  • Understanding and analysing business needs, identify existing solutions and business processes that are working well in order to reuse them where possible, and ultimately new design analysis and reporting solutions.
  • Delivering the optimal BI solutions for the Global Finance organization, in collaboration with colleagues in Finance.
  • Mapping current stakeholders, and create a business data model for finance, reflecting the current needs, in collaboration with stakeholders in Finance
  • Building roadmaps to align on future activities.



In broad terms, PANDORA is looking for a candidate who has a hint of management consultant in classical terms, but focuses on driving business intelligence and delivering front end BI solutions across the value chain in collaboration with stakeholders in the Finance department.

The ideal candidate holds a relevant financial or economical Master degree, such as Cand.oecon, cand.polit, cand.merc.fir, cand.merc.asf or similar.

The candidate is expected to have experience from a large, preferably international company, with a minimum of 2 years of experience with a similar role at senior level. Moreover, excellent analytical skills as well as oral presentation skills and high level of written skills is required.

In depth knowledge of financial processes as well as an understanding of and strong interest in data and data modelling is a must. As an important part of the role is communication and liaising with various stakeholders, commitment, interest and ability to communicate and collaborate with various internal and external stakeholders and business units on processes and reporting solutions is also crucial.

The candidate must be an experienced user of the Office suite and of Excel in particularly. Furthermore, front-end reporting tools as well as thorough knowledge and experience with ERP systems (financial management systems) is a requirement.

As PANDORA is currently running AX 09 at Group, rolling out AX 12 globally and using Hyperion for planning and consolidation, hands-on experience with Qlikview and/or MS BI tools, with AX as well as Hyperion is a strong advantage, but not a must.


PANDORA offers

This role will not only give you the possibility to make your personal footprint in a newly established role, but will also open doors for further career opportunities within PANDORA, as PANDORA strives to keep good and motivated employees.

At PANDORA, you will get the opportunity to be part of a global and growing company and that is open to new ideas and process optimization initiatives by their employees. With a revenue increase in 2015 by approximately 40% to DKK 16.7 billion and a net profit for 2015 of DKK 3.67 billion, you will be joining a company with high ambitions and a strong motivation to keep this high level of success.


Please contact Michael Høstved, mh@nyberggroup.com, +45 51 90 21 89

PANDORA – Financial Systems Manager

PANDORA has set itself an ambitious agenda, which is planned to be executed in the coming years. Therefore, PANDORA seeks a Financial Systems Manager to join Systems Group Finance and take ownership of the planning platform used by one of the fastest growing C20 companies. As part of the management team and with direct reference to the Director of Systems Group Finance, You will be in charge of defining, planning and implementing the transformational journey for the current Hyperion platform to ensure that it will keep supporting PANDORA the best way possible – the way planning should work.



As Financial Systems Manager, you will be taking ownership of PANDORA’s financial consolidation and planning platform. This includes:

  • Driving the platform to ensure that the platform is used in an optimal manner.
  • Taking lead on the global roll out of the platform.
  • Supporting the regions in implementing and building a best practice approach for feeding data into the system.
  • Building a “many fits one” rather than a “one fits all” model and make sure that the data will fit into a consolidated group finance picture.
  • Make using the platform attractive by making sure that the processes run as smoothly as possible.


Included in the role

Responsible for ensuring that the following tasks are done (e.g. by delegation):

  • Maintaining operations and development of the Hyperion platform
  • Dataintegration from ERP systems to fra ERP systems
  • Training and support of Hyperion users in PANDORA
  • Develop and implement new functions in Hyperion
  • Integration, development and maintenance of metadata
  • Analyze, review and develop usefull and effective application solution in connection with existing BI solutions
  • Dialogue with domestic and foreign units (VP’s)
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial management reports and forecasts. Development and maintenance of same.



You have a strong analytical mindset that, combined with your degree in finance and your +3 years of working with BI tools, enables you to understand the link between business needs and financial management tools.

In general, you see the wider perspective beyond your role and can bring in the relevant stakeholders needed to ensure that PANDORA’s consolidation and planning platform is continuously maintained and developed in a way that best supports the business.


PANDORA offers
A position in an international company that is developing rapidly – we therefore guarantee an international and dynamic working environment. As Financial Systems Manager, you will join 28 ambitious colleagues in the Systems Group Finance team divided into four focus areas: BI, Retail, ERP and Hyperion.


Please contact Michael Høstved, mh@nyberggroup.com, +45 51 90 21 89